Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Manly" Men

I have a question for all of you macho cowboys and hunters out there. Does it make you feel manly to sit on top of a horse with your buddy on the other side tag teaming a 4 month old calf? Or crouching behind some bushes to shoot at an unarmed animal? I mean, really, how much of a man do you have to be to hide, and shoot at an unarmed creature as it passes by? Take it on in hand to hoof/claw combat, and I might be impressed, but there's nothing manly about shooting a gun from a hiding spot . I'm a 5 foot 3, 103 pound girl, and I can do it. Or throwing a rope around a calf or a colt and yanking it to the ground while it's running full speed. Now it you can chase it down on your own, and throw it to the ground barehanded, maybe. But you can't, so, you're freaking pansies. Maybe someone should hide in the bushes in front of your houses and shoot at you as you walk by, and you can let me know how impressive you thought that person was, if you survive, that is. Or perhaps someone should chase you on an animal capable of 40 mph speeds, throw a rope around your neck, yank you to the ground, and then drag you for several feet. Let me know how that goes for you.

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